Complaints Policy.

We at BURLINGTONS Hair Salon are committed to providing a high quality service to all of our clients.  We are always keen to hear of any situation where we have fallen short of both your expectations and the expectations set by the salon; so that we can continue to improve our standards and service to all of our clients.

Below is the process our team have to follow to deal with any such issue:

In the first instance, any complaint, regardless of how small; must be raised with Vicky Wilson, Salon Manager within 72 hours of the client’s original appointment.

If the complaint is made via email or the telephone, it is advised that a follow-up call is made to confirm that the Management are aware.

We will invite the client concerned into the salon on a day when we would normally be closed, where a Senior Stylist will examine the hair (ideally with the original stylist), and a solution will be recommended to rectify the issue raised.  Most issues can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction in this way.

We will always try to rectify any issue in the salon immediately because our aim is to ensure that you get the hair style you want.

We encourage anyone who has been dissatisfied with our service in any way to let us know so that we can continue to improve.

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